Three entrepreneurs with different but yet complementing profiles, jointly gathering over 100 years of experience in developing international projects in multiple markets: from social welfare  to healthcare, from environment to hospitality, from industry to real estate, events, telecom and Finance.

Eduardo Nuno Moniz

Managing Partner

Partnered up with 3T Finance in late 2017, culminating 2 years of close collaboration with 3T’s associates. He’s now dedicated to this investment company since Summer ‘18, having left behind almost 14 years of management experience in Healthcare in Portugal. Starting off as Head of Finance in the holding company of a private healthcare group, he later became CFO and then CEO of Private Hospitals (British Hospital), Diagnostic Imaging (IMI), Lab tests (Clinilab) and PPP Rehabilitation units. Prior to that, Eduardo had worked during 6 years for MADRE, a portuguese Family Office, taking executive management positions in the french branch of VENDAP (construction machinery rental) and in the brazilian venture in real estate NATALGEST.

Frédéric Paul

Managing Partner

Is self taught , an autodidact entrepreneur who has always developed projects with heart & for which he felt strong affinities. In 1991 he took control of PROFIL, a Paris-based company specializing in ephemeral commercial architecture, specifically in the design and installation of traditional exhibition stands. He then conceived a commercial architecture department specializing in interior layouts for companies.  PROFIL subsequently acceed to the French top 5 podium in this branch of activity. In 2000, he developed a new concept of nurseries within the companies' premises and founded Les Petits Chaperons Rouges (LPCR) specialized in the installation and management of day-care centers for children from 3 months up to 3 years. In 2010, he left the operational command of LPCR, remaining Chairman of the board of directors. At the time of the transfer of its LPCR shares to Eurazeo in 2016, the group managed 250 nurseries and accommodated approximately 8000 children.

Yves Désiront

Managing Partner

began his career in the Belgian banking sector after 3 years he joined the Bruxelles Lambert group during his 7 year tenure with this group he took several financial responsibilities and participated in numerous mergers and acquisitions at a time when the group underwent a considerable restructuring of its portfolio. He then joined Orco Property Group for ten years, where from 2009 until the end of 2014 he was CFO. This real estate group quoted in Paris operates mainly in Central Europe. From 2014 until the end of 2016, he assumed the position of CFO for an Australian real estate group, to advise the board of directors on the sale of its entires assets portfolio  located in Germany.